Wednesday, July 22, 2015


OK, I'm actually kind of freaked out right now. I was looking through my skype messages with a friend and I found this:
Moral of the story: never leave yourself logged in at a friend's house

Monday, July 20, 2015

Modern Art

I call this the "Starry Lisa"
I made it myself.
I consider myself a TRUE artist.
I hope you enjoyed this atroc- umm I mean masterpiece!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Me when I finish eating something with olives in it...



  • Opening Ceremony
  • Minecraft Windows 10 Announced
  • Telltale Games' "Minecraft: Story Mode" trailer reveal

Minecon is now fully up and running! Highlights from today (Day 1) will be posted right here, including 1.9 info, awesome panels, and more. Keep an eye open, there will be some big news today!

 Opening Ceremony:

The ceremony opened up with a clever villager short by Element Animation, as the villagers arrive in London, and get into all sorts of trouble. The animation was playing on a massively wide screen, taking up the entire stage. Shortly after, Lydia introduced a Guinness spokesperson, who presented an award for Minecon for 10,000 tickets sold, the largest convention held for a single video game.

A representative from the U.N. followed shortly after, presenting a short film explaining "Block by Block", the Minecraft project that lets players re-design real-world areas, then fund those projects to be realized in real life. Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie creator was shown afterwards, and looked pretty promising! Shown on an iPad, it appeared to be an app that allowed the user to create stop-motion animations with Minecraft models. It was also revealed that 17 VIPs from Make-A-Wish (and similar) chose Minecon as their wish, and were in attendance. HoloLens made an appearance, as the E3 demonstration was shown on stage as well. Afterwards, the HoloLens lead developer and Jeb came on stage, and announced that 25 attendees would be able to test out the HoloLens first-hand on Sunday. Expect updates on that tomorrow! Jeb went on to say that Mojang would be discussing both the 1.9 Combat Update, and Pocket Edition features, in panels later in the 'con.

 Next up was a look at Telltale Games' "Minecraft: Story Mode". The visuals were strongly reminiscent of Minecraft animations from alums like Slamacow, and showed a number of dramatically tense scenes. More to follow!

Friday, July 3, 2015


  _.__-'@_     _@'-__._
 /     '--)   (--`     \          Focus on the frogs...
/  >__<<_/  o  \_>>__<  \
 \\=x  \=x \|/ x=/  x=//

        _  /_____\  _
       / \/ |   | \/ \
      /|\  /|\ /|\  /|\
     o o oo o o o oo o o

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Sorry I've been publishing so many things that I've made lately, but THERE'S MORE! That's right folks, THERE'S MORE! With an easy 0 payments of $399.99 you can join my Minecraft server! It is on Minecraft 1.8.7 and it exists both on and (I just typed those out =P) I hope you enjoy! It's on 24/7 and only goes down for repairs and updates.